Welcome to UTAU Songs Wiki: HELP WANTED!Edit

Hello and welcome to the wiki! My name is Pinkbear10 (Pinkbear or Sakura-P, if you wish) and I want to dedicate this wiki to as many UTAU songs as possible. As owner of the wiki, I want to start with the popular songs (Nyanyanya!, Fukkireta, Kasane Territory, etc.) from UTAU, so any help would be very appreciated!

Disclaimer: I don’t want songs that haven’t been uploaded/announced added to UTAU Songs Wiki. If you do this, this can result in temporary to permanent ban from UTAU Songs Wiki. Note that if you have a rank, this can also result in de-ranking. You have been warned.

Anyways, I hope this wiki comes in handy for many people!

Latest activityEdit

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